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You cannot change how someone thinks, but you can give them a tool to use which will lead them to think differently

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Free up Time

Free up time in your organization and in your work life! With Re-labs facilitation and time management products, you can create positive changes away from a culture of haste, quick fixes, and stress.

Deep Dive

299,00 kr.

Estimate & Prioritize

299,00 kr.


299,00 kr.

Visualize Time

299,00 kr.

Re-LAB Card Packs

Starter Pack

499,00 kr.

Cyclic Pack

549,00 kr.

Mental Pack

549,00 kr.

Re-Designer Pack

549,00 kr.

Workforce Pack

549,00 kr.

Get all Cards

1.199,00 kr.

Re-LAB Journey Poster

The Re-LAB Journey Poster is a graphic handdrawn journey. It has been designed for a 2,5-3 hour session for your team offering 10 stops with reflective questions and tasks, for you to drive regenerative working practices. Your answers become your game plan.

1.899,00 kr.

More Re-LAB Products

Re-LAB Living Practices

75,00 kr.

The 7 Principles

75,00 kr.

Re-LAB Paper

75,00 kr.

Re-LAB Certification

With Re-LAB you can become a regenerative facilitator of design-led change. With this certification you will learn how to drive and facilitate regenerative change and become a certified leader of a healthier and more human future.

Re-LAB Courses

The true method of knowledge
is experiment

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Re-LAB Leader

Re-LAB Leader is a program for leaders with people responsibility and subject matter leaders. It is an open forum where we talk, raise questions and co-create meaning together to develop regenerative principles and actions, that are important to you in your context. We co-design meaning, methods and practises. The Re-LAB leader is co-designed with you.

Re-LAB Experiment

The Re-LAB experiment is one of our signature offers. Here we take an idea or a problem and design af prototype for you to test eighter digital og physically. It could be a new process, a structure or new ways of working

Re-LAB Micro Hacks

LAB Micro hacks are methods, techniques, and behavior-based quick sessions for you who wants to learn to work with the most important regenerative principles, creative leadership, and design.

Re-LAB Sprint

The Re-LAB Sprint is a 4-day course that helps you analyze your DNA from a regenerative perspective. You will understand your as is, pinpoint a key area to improve, design a prototype and test this as an intervention to to help you implement regenerative principles.

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