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Re-LAB is offering easy to use and simple products to help you as a facilitator to foster ways of working which are collaborative, problem solving, human and fun – all with focus on health and restitution

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Re-LAB is offering collaborative courses, workshops and sessions with the aim of giving you the knowledge, tools and easy applied approaches to practise regenerative principles and leadership.

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Re-LAB is your partner in design-led product development. Together we develop and market products to promote healthy ways of working with human and planet at the center.

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Life did not take over the world by combat, but by networking

Re-LAB is a growing EcoSystem joined by people across the globe. Together we develop and share knowledge, tools, meet-ups and experiment with new ways of working. Become part of a global movement and shape a better tomorrow with us.


Get selected Re-LAB products and network with global peers at monthly online meetups 

The great part about Free-LAB is that you become part of a network of likeminded that want’s to change status quo through practical tools, knowledge and feedback.


Change Consultant



Get unlimited access to a Re-LAB products and become part of a global EcoSsystem

I need a safe space where I can learn. In the Lab I have met new friends in a community with the same vision and we get to shape new types of leadership together.



4.800 dkkr/year

About Re-LAB

Re-LAB is a platform, a community and a product-led agency founded and driven by two fire souls who have both chosen a more sustainable and desirable work path.

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Louise and Sarah have more than 25 years of experience within change leadership, facilitation and design. In 2023 they founded Re-LAB to create regenerative change in easy, product and design-led ways where co-creation, systemic thinking and empowerment of everyone are strong values behind the work.

Louise Møller Nielsen

We need to change our living conditions and society -to stop causing more harm than good to humanity, nature, and the planet. Our traditional ways of recognizing and celebrating organizations and leadership have exceeded their lifespan. Through courage and love for future generations, we need to reshape our collective perception of what valuable organizations and leadership is.

Sarah Lund Morrison

We are witnessing a systemic collaps of the world we have build and of ourselves. In order to change direction towards a more desirable future we need to take a design-led and innovation approach with learning and co-experimentation. Change happens when we act together. It happens with a systemic approach through vulnerability and fluidity in a network reality.

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