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Re-LAB helps you translate what your mind has thought to what your hands need to act it. We develop and design facilitation and implementation products and tools for the change you want to make 

Re-LAB Life Rising Design

Life Rising Design is a framework to help leaders, change agents, designers, and facilitators to become leaders for the future organizational ecosystems.

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About Re-LAB

Re-LAB is a platform, a community and a product-led agency founded and driven by three fire souls who have both chosen a more sustainable and desirable work path. Louise, Sarah and Signe have substantial experience within change leadership, facilitation and design. In 2023 they founded Re-LAB to create regenerative change in easy, product and design-led ways where co-creation, systemic thinking and empowerment of everyone are strong values behind the work.

Sarah Lund Morrison

We are witnessing a systemic collaps of the world we have build and of ourselves. In order to change direction towards a more desirable future we need to take a design-led and innovation approach with learning and co-experimentation. Change happens when we act together. It happens with a systemic approach through vulnerability and fluidity in a network reality.

Louise Møller Nielsen

We need to change our living conditions and society -to stop causing more harm than good to humanity, nature, and the planet. Our traditional ways of recognizing and celebrating organizations and leadership have exceeded their lifespan. Through courage and love for future generations, we need to reshape our collective perception of what valuable organizations and leadership is.

Signe Skall Toke

I believe that the organizations of the future are sustainable and regenerative, and can obtain a balance between a thriving inner organizational life and producing effective and strong results fit for the future. If our organizations and private businesses were to be more cultural sustainable and regenerative, I am certain, that it would have great effect on the results that we as a society can succeed with on future complex problems.

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